Muck's Guide to Getting Muddy is a segment featured in the Teamwork Time DVD. Muck tries to get muddy but Mr. Bentley wants everything clean for fabulous fixham day.

After Whizzy Dizzy

Muck is at the yard introducing herself. She explains that when she gets muddy, she goes to the machine wash to get clean again. Scoop comes and tells Muck that she isn't muddy right now, Muck says that she will show everyone how to get muddy in fixham. She calls it "Muck's Guide to Getting Muddy". Muck stops at a park next to the school. She explains that there are lots of mud for getting muddy. Just then, Mr. Bentley and the children arrive towards Muck. Mr. Bentley tells the children that everything must be clean for fabulous fixham day. Muck asks Mr. Bentley if he's been getting muddy but Mr. Bentley explains that him and the children have been making everything clean for fabulous fixham day. Muck leaves to get muddy, but Mr. Bentley stops her Muck asks if he wants to get muddy first but Mr. Bentley says no and doesn't want anything to get muddy. Muck says that she's doing Muck's Guide to Getting Muddy but Mr. Bentley says that she can't do the thing here. Muck tells the viewers that she has to get muddy somewhere else and she says goodbye.

After Stage Struck Dizzy

Muck introduces herself again

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