Muck's Convoy
Series 11, Episode 09
Muck's Convoy
Air Date 14 June 2005 (UK)
Previous Spud's Bumper Harvest
Next While Bob's Away, Robert Will Play

Muck's Convoy is the ninth episode of the eleventh series.


Muck is tasked with leading a machine convoy to take the new water wheel to the water mill.


  • Muck's Talkie-Talkie constantly changes places throughout the episode.
  • When Bob jumps onto Travis to take the scaffolding to the water mill, he is riding on Travis' right side, but when they arrive at the water mill, Bob has somehow moved to Travis' left side.


In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Hungarian Konvoj, kövesd Mukit! Convoy, Follow Muck!
Polish Spychacz prowadzi konwój Bulldozer Leads the Convoy
Russian Конвой Мака Muck's Convoy

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