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"Muck to the rescue!" and "Let's get mucky!"
— Original catchphrases


  • Gender: Male (UK) Female (US)
  • Class: Dump truck/bulldozer hybrid
  • Color: Red
  • Owner: Bob
  • Voiced By:
    • Rob Rackstraw (UK; 1998-2012)
    • Lachele Carl (US; 2001-2009)
    • Sophie Aldred (US; 2010-2012)
    • Paul Panting (UK; 2015-present)
    • Vincent Tong (US; 2015-present)
    • Shauli Halevi (Israel, original dub and 2017 JimJam dub)
    • Uri Dror (Israel, JimJam dub; 2015-2017)
    • Jukka Rasila (Finland, original dub)

Muck is a red dump truck fitted with a bulldozer blade and caterpillar tracks. He/She often acts before thinking and subsequently gets in trouble for it. His/Her machine-type is referred to as a "digger dump truck".


Muck is friendly and loves getting dirty. He/She does not like taking baths that much but takes them when he/she feels like it, or when he/she knows it is important. Muck is afraid of the dark, but he/she learns to be calm. Muck is also kindhearted and is sometimes naughty, but he/she learns his/her lesson in the end.


Muck is a red dump truck with an additional bulldozer blade, caterpillar tracks and a shape-shifting mouth. In the original series, his/her headlight eyes are able to turn 360 degrees.


Original Series:



  • Muck was the second machine bought by Bob after Scoop needed help with excavation and carrying supplies.
  • Early descriptions of Muck in the US referred to him/her as a bulldozer.
  • Muck has both genders: male in the UK version and female in the US version. However in the 2015 series, Muck became male in the US dub for unknown reasons.
  • Muck says that Dizzy is his/her best friend in When Bob Became A Builder.
  • Muck's original movement sound effect whenever he/she drives was a repeating thumping sound.
  • Muck was the first vehicle that Wendy had a ride on.
  • In the Finnish version, Muck is called "Pusku".
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