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"Muck to the rescue!" and "Let's get mucky!"
— Catchphrases



  • Gender: Male (UK) Female (US prior to 2015)
  • Class: Dump truck/bulldozer hybrid
  • Color: Red
  • Owner: Bob
  • Voiced By:
    • Rob Rackstraw (UK; 1998-2012)
    • Lachele Carl (US; 2001-2009)
    • Sophie Aldred (US; 2010-2012)
    • Paul Panting (UK; 2015-present)
    • Vincent Tong (US; 2015-present)
    • Shauli Halevi (Israel, original dub and 2017 JimJam dub)
    • Uri Dror (Israel, JimJam dub; 2015-2017)
    • Jukka Rasila (Finland, original dub)

Muck is a red dump truck fitted with a bulldozer blade and caterpillar tracks. Muck often acts before thinking and subsequently gets in trouble for it. His/Her machine-type is referred to as a "digger dump truck".


Muck is friendly and loves getting dirty. He/she does not like taking baths that much but takes them when he/she feels like it, or when he/she knows it is important. Muck is afraid of the dark, but he/she learns to be calm. Muck is also kindhearted, and he/she is sometimes naughty, but he/she learns his/her lesson in the end.


Muck is a red dump truck with an additional bulldozer blade, caterpillar tracks and a shape-shifting mouth. In the original series, his/her headlight eyes are able to turn 360 degrees.


Original Series:



  • Muck was the second machine bought by Bob after Scoop needed help with excavation and carrying supplies.
  • Early descriptions of Muck in the US referred to him/her as a bulldozer.
  • Muck is male in the UK version and female in the US version (prior to the new 2015 series in which Muck stops being female in the US and becomes male in both versions).
  • Muck says that Dizzy is his/her best friend in When Bob Became A Builder.
  • Muck's original movement sound effect was a repeating thumping sound.
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