Mr. Sabatini's Smashing Day
Series 06, Episode 09
Mr Sabatini's Smashing Day
Air Date December 1st, 2001 (UK)
Previous Trix's Tiles
Next Roley To The Rescue

Mr. Sabatini Picks up the Pieces is the ninth episode of the sixth season.


Mr. Sabatini gets a new soccer ball, but he accidentally kicks it through his shop's window. J.J. and Bob go to replace it with a new pane.



  • Mr. Bentley never wears his glasses or work uniform in this episode.


  • A Mosiac: Is an Italian art when little pieces of color combined to make a picture.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Polish Pan Sabatini ma pechowy dzień Mr. Sabatini is Unlucky Day
Russian Коронный удар мистера Сабатини Crown Hit Mr. Sabatini
Dutch Scherven brengen geluk Shard's Bring Luck
German Scherben bringen Glück Shard's Bring Luck
Czech Pan Makaroni má smolný den Mr' Sabatini Has an Unlucky Day

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