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Mr. Beasley's Do It Yourself Diaster is the third episode of the sixth season.


Bob is building a tool shed for Mr. Beasley’s vegetable patch. Wendy offers to paint a fence at Mrs. Potts' house, but before Bob can leave, he gets a call from Mr. Dixon, who needs a hole in his roof fixed urgently. So Mr. Beasley decides to start the job for him.


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United Kingdom & Australia

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  • Bobsville
  • Bob's Yard
  • Mr. Beasley's Home
  • Mrs. Potts' Home
  • The Post Office


  • This episode was paired with Spud's Big Splash (Season 6) when it first premiered in the US.
  • This episode was the first ever Mr. Beasley dedicated episode.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Polish Pan Orzeszek buduje szopę Mr. Beasley is Building a Shed
Russian Мистер Бизли берется за дело Mr. Beasley Gets Down to Business
Dutch Meneer Bieshaars doehetzelf-ramp Mr. Beasley's DIY Disaster
German Herr Barner als Heimwerker Mr. Beasley as Handyman
Czech Kutilské umění pana Duška Mr. Beasley's DIY Arts
Finnish Avulias-Aatu Helpful Mr. Beasley