Lofty And The Rabbits
Series 06, Episode 05
Air Date November 3rd, 2001 (UK)
Previous Wendy's Removal Service
Next Lofty And The Giant Carrot

Lofty And The Rabbits is the fifth episode of the sixth season.


Lofty discovers a small family of rabbits.



  • Muck references Bob On The Run when he/she mentions that Lofty hasn't worn his wrecking ball in ages.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Polish Dżwig i króliki Cranes and Rabbits
Russian Лофти и кролики Lofty and Rabbits
Dutch Liftie en de konijntjes Lofty and Bunnies
German Heppo und die Kaninchen Lofty and the Rabbit
Czech Lůďa a zajíci Lofty and the Hares

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