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Lofty's Long Load is the eleventh episode of the seventh season.


Bob is building a through-lounge for Mr. and Mrs. Bentley. Lofty has to carry a metal joist to the house carefully. Dizzy and Trix decide to have a race, disobeying Wendy when she tells them not to.

When they find Lofty, they scare him so much that he loses concentration on being careful with the joist, and it damages the sides of the bridge.


Voice Cast

United Kingdom & Australia

North America



  • Bobsville
  • Bobs Yard (Bobsville)
  • J.J.'s Yard
  • The Bentley's Home (Bobsville)
  • The Bridge


In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Polish Dźwig i przebudowa Crane and Reconstruction
Russian Длинный груз Лофти Long Load Lofty
Dutch Liftie’s lange lading Lofty's Long Cargo
German Heppo und der T-Träger Lofty and the T-Bar
Czech Lůďův dlouhý náklad Lofty's Long Loads
Finnish Nossen Pulmallinen Palkki Lofty's Complicated Load