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Lofty's Jungle Fun is the sixth episode of the eighth season.


Lofty imagines what it is like to be in the jungle.



  • Ducks (brief cameo)


  • Bobsville
  • Bob's Yard (Bobsville)
  • J.J.'s Yard
  • The School
  • The Dump (mentioned)


  • Lofty and Skip are shown to be best friends in this episode.
  • This was the second episode where Spud makes a mess with paint and cleans it up at the end as a punishment. The first time was "Travis Paints The Town" (Season 1).
  • This episode was paired with "Mr. Beasley's Noisy Pipes" (Season 8) when it premiered in the US on PBS.
  • This episode was released on home video in 2004 before premiering on PBS in 2005.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Dutch Liftie op olifantenjacht Lofty's Elephant Hunt
German Heppo und der Elefant Lofty and the Elephant
Polish Dźwig i słoń Crane and Elephant
Czech Lůďa a zábavná džungle Lofty and the Jungle Fun


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