LEGO is a brand of plastic construction toys that are manufactured by The LEGO Group, a privately held company based in Billund, Denmark.

In 2001, the company introduced a Bob the Builder theme for the DUPLO system. This theme ran for eight years, thus making it one of the longest running DUPLO subthemes. Many sets were based around the Can-do Crew, but some simply included DUPLO figures of Bob, Wendy and Spud. The theme was mostly based on the original series and Project: Build It.



  • Bob's Workshop
  • Scoop on the Road
  • Bob, Lofty and the Mice
  • Bob and Muck Repair the Barn
  • Bob's Big Building Box
  • Muck and Scoop
  • Bob the Builder Set



  • Bob's Busy Day
  • Wendy in the Office
  • Spud and Bird


  • Dizzy's Bridge Set
  • Benny's Dig Set
  • Muck's Recycling Set
  • Roley's Road Set
  • Travis and the Mobile Caravan
  • Scoop and Lofty at the Building Yard




  • Bob's Workshop
  • Scoop at Bobland Bay
  • Muck Can Do It
  • Lofty and Dizzy Hard At Work


  • Bob's original figure incorrectly had a yellow shirt and had a darker head than his appearance in the show. Both errors were fixed in the Project: Build It sets, when the figures were updated to the new DUPLO format.
  • Spud's head is flesh toned and his eyes are different from Bob's and Wendy's.
  • Rather than holding onto the sides of the vehicles, the figures are supposed to fit inside them.
  • Scoop's model's cab supports and eye casings are yellow, when the former should be black and the latter silver.
  • Roley's model was released in two different shades of green.
  • Lofty's model has a rotating mouth.
  • Scoop, Muck, Roley, Travis and Sumsy's models all share the same cab design.
  • Muck's model is all one shade of red, when his/her dumper and blade are slightly lighter in the show.
  • Scrambler's model features working suspension.
  • Travis' model is mostly a repaint of Scoop's with a different front piece, and he is missing his exhaust pipe.
  • Benny's model is dark red (same as Sumsy), when he should be magenta.


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