Inspector Spud
Series 05, Episode 02
Air Date January 13th, 2001 (UK)
Previous Scruffty's Big Dig
Next Cock-A-Doodle Spud

Inspector Spud is the second episode of the fifth season.


While Mr. Bentley inspects a pipe, he gets soaked. Spud tries to take over, but he has no qualifications.



  • Spud the scarecrow: Spud spins around and his scarf flies up like Superman's cloak, indicating Spud's transformation into to a powerful Building Inspector/Spud's disastrous reign as Inspector results in a barn falling down is like Buster Keaton's famous collapsing house stuff.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Polish Inspektor Strach Inspector Spud
Russian Инспектор Спад Inspector Spud
Dutch Inspecteur Spud Inspector Spud
German Bauinspektor Knolle Inspector Spud
Czech Inspektor Hugo Inspector Spud

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