Eskimo Bob / Bob of the North
Series 05, Episode 13
Air Date March 31st, 2001 (UK)
Previous Clumsy Roley
Next Bob's Pizza

Eskimo Bob, also known as Bob of the North for American audiences, is the thirteenth and finale episode of the fifth season.


It is winter in the town. Bob wears a big parka to look like a Alaskan Eskimo. Wendy's sister, Jenny, visits after a ski trip.



  • Bob blushes for the first time.
  • Scoop wears his snowplow again.
  • Third Winter themed episode.
  • This episode possibly takes place around the winter as Bob And The Big Freeze.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Polish Eskimos Bob Eskimo Bob
Russian Боб-эскимос Bob-Eskimo
Dutch Eskimo Bob Eskimo Bob
German Eskimo Bob Eskimo Bob
Portuguese Bob o Esquimó Bob the Eskimo
Czech Eskymák Bořek Eskimo Bob

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