Dizzy and the Wheelies is the seventeenth episode of Bob the Builder: Ready, Steady, Build!.


The episode starts where Bob and Wendy are laying flagstones on Muck and Scoop. Lofty asks Bob if the flagstones are for today's job? Bob says yes and explains that the team will be laying the flagstones by the lighthouse. Dizzy says the ramp is good for wheelies and Scrambler thinks that she is awesome at them. Bob and his team head to the lighthouse. Scrambler hits a rock and Scratch and Roley are impressed.

Then Dizzy shows them her wheelie but crashes. Roley asks if she is alright? And Dizzy replies. Then Bob calls them to look at the plans. Then the Team lays the flagstones. Scratch tells Dizzy to do another but, Dizzy needs to pour the cement. Scratch really wants to see a wheelie and asks Scrambler to do one so he does. Then Dizzy bumps into Scrambler and lands in her cement then Bob comes and asks what happened. Dizzy tells him what she did and pours more cement. Then it's time for the team to lay the flagstones.



In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Czech Julča na dvou kolech Dizzy and Two Wheels
Hungarian Trixi kétkerekezik Dizzy's Two Wheels