Dizzy The Sheepdog
Series 07, Episode 13
Air Date April 15th, 2002 (UK)
Previous Hamish's New Home
Next Bob The Photographer

Dizzy The Sheepdog is the thirteenth and finale episode of the seventh season.


Dizzy helps Farmer Pickles by trying to act like a sheepdog.



  • This episode most likely takes place the same winter as Snowman Scoop.
  • Fifth Winter themed episode.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Polish Jak Betoniarka została psem pasterskim As Mixer Was Herding Dog
Russian Пастушья собака Диззи Shepherd Dog Dizzy
Dutch Dizzie de herdershond Dizzy the Sheepdog
German Mixi und das Lamm Dizzy and the Lamb
Czech Z Julči je ovčácký pes Dizzy the Sheepdog

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