Dizzy's Picture Mixer is a toy made by IQ Builders, featuring the voice of Kate Harbour.

How to play

There are sixteen pictures which include Roley, a mobile phone, a workshop, Scoop, a toolbox, Bird, a wheelbarrow, a house, a tree, Spud, Muck, a hard hat, Pilchard, Travis, a skip and Lofty. Whenever they are pressed, in the Who? game, Dizzy will tell you the name of them, in the Where? game, Dizzy will tell you which character or object to find.


Whenever a picture is pressed, Dizzy will say the name of it (e.g. Pilchard).


When the game starts, Dizzy will ask you random questions and will tell you who or what to find. When the player gets the correct answer or the question is not answered, Dizzy will ask the next question. When the player gets a wrong answer, it will stay on the current question.


Players must guess what Dizzy is thinking about. Whenever a picture is pressed, she will give you some clues (e.g. bigger than Lofty) about who or what she is thinking of. When the player gets the correct answer, Dizzy will give you some more clues when a picture is pressed.


  • Travis makes engine sounds instead of talking, just like the Bob's Talking Telephone toy, also by IQ Builders. Dizzy states that he is one of the things that talk in the Guess! game.
  • The prototype showed the Vtech logo, the On Off sign in white and Bird on a blue background and the tree on a purple background.
  • The mobile phone is the only object that makes sounds.
  • Things that don't have colours:
    • Workshop
    • Toolbox
    • Bird
    • House
    • Spud


  • In the Guess! game:
    • The toolbox isn't red, making Muck the only red thing in this game
    • Travis is green.
    • The clues "It's not yellow!", "It's not green!", "It's not blue!" and "It's not red!" are omitted when Dizzy is thinking about either Bird, the workshop or the house.
    • On some questions whenever you press Pilchard's picture, the clue "It's not an animal!" is omitted.

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