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Dizzy's Birdwatch is the ninth episode of the second season.


Dizzy watches a birds nest and sees the hatchlings emerge and learn to fly.



  • Red Bird (debut)
  • Baby Red Bird (debut)


  • This episode marks the debut of Baby Bird.
  • Dizzy gets angry for the first time.
  • A book and LEGO DUPLO Explore set were based on this episode.
  • This episode was paired with "Roley's Tortoise" (Season 3) when it premiered on the Nick Jr. block.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Greek Μιά Φωλίτσα για την Βέρα A Nest for Dizzy
Hungarian Trixi madárlesen Dizzy's Bird on the Prowl
Russian Диззи на птичьей страже Dizzy on Bird Guard
Polish Betoniarka pilnuje ptaszków Mixer Guarding the Birds
Japanese ディジーのみはりばん Dizzy and Hariban
German Mixi und das Vogelbaby Dizzy and the Baby Bird
Dutch Dizzie ziet ze vliegen Dizzy See Them Fly
Czech Julie hlídá hnizdo Dizzy Guards the Nest
Portuguese Beta a Guardiã Dizzy the Guardian

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