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Clumsy Roley is the twelfth episode of the fifth season.


Roley almost crushes Bob's toolbox. This causes anxiety from him to think he is always clumsy. This always makes him more accident-prone.



  • Squirrels


  • Bobsville
  • Bob's Yard (Bobsville Version)
  • Mr. Beasley's Home
  • Mr. Fothergill's Home



  • Scoop says, Can we build it?, when they are going to build the decking, but he is not working with them, as Wendy only said that she needed Dizzy, Roley and Lofty.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Polish Niezręczny Walec Awkward Roller
Russian Неуклюжий Роли Clumsy Roley
Dutch Klunsje Rollie Clumsy Roley
German Rollo im Pech Roley in Pitch
Portuguese Rolão o Desastrado Roley the Clumsy
Czech Rolík nešika Roley the Clumsy

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