Built To Be Wild

Built To Be Wild was a Bob the Builder extended one hour special, which was released in September 2006.


Bob and the can do crew go on vacation in the wild west.



  • It was released on a trailer at the end of the DVD, "Fireman Sam Fun Run" and at the beginning of the DVD, "Bob the Builder Hold on to Your Hard Hats".
  • This special features Muck And Spud as the main characters
  • The scene where the bridge breaks underneath Spud is reminiscent of the 1984 movie, “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom’.
  • In one scene, Spud exclaims ‘Whip-crack away!’ This is a reference to the musical, “Calamity Jane”.
  • The opening number, “Cowboy Holiday” is a rewritten version of Sir Cliff Richard’s popular song, “Summer Holiday”, with the lyrics altered to fit the special’s narrative.


  • Even though holiday is a UK Term they say it in both versions.