Born to Play was a toy company owned by Entertainment Rights PLC, which produced a well-known range of Bob the Builder figures, friction-powered vehicles and playsets. The company later held licenses for "Postman Pat" and "Fireman Sam".

After Entertainment Rights went under in 2009, Born to Play was sold to the toy company Martin Yaffe International, which went into adminstration in July 2010. Born to Play was closed in 2011.

Figures (incomplete list)


Playsets (incomplete list)

  • Building Yard Play Set
  • Travis And Scoop's Race Day Set
  • Skip and Trix Playset
  • Lofty Playset
  • Benny Playset
  • Bob's Action Playset
  • Gripper, Grabber and Packer Playset


  • Dizzy is the only vehicle to have a non-friction motor. She is also the most out-of-scale model in the range.
  • Scoop, Skip, Benny and Packer's models feature googly eyes, whereas most other models feature painted ones.
  • This range is one of the only known toylines to have included every single character from the show's original generations.
  • To coincide with the Project: Build It spin-off series, electronic "Talkie-Talkie" versions of the vehicles were produced.