General Rules

  • Do not vandalize anything on the wiki. Vandalism will result in an instant permanent ban. Examples of vandalism include taking big chunks of text out of articles, putting articles in the wrong category intentionally, adding gibberish to articles, etc.
  • Do not troll other users. Trolling is inappropriate and uncivilized decision to use toward others on chat and forum posts.
  • Do not spam. Spam, along with vandalism, is inapt and superfluous. Examples of spam include gibberish, posting unnecessary things to articles, taking big chunks out of articles, etc.
  • Do not advertise. An influx (handful) of people on other wikis have been advertising products or deliberately BEGGING people to be admins, trainees, etc. on the wiki of their own. This includes posting ads on blogs, forum posts, etc., or, as aforementioned, begging.

Chat Rules

  • Do not spam. Spam is, as aforementioned, inapt.
  • No excessive swearing. Swearing is not civilized and inapt. In fact, too much swearing is a clear, perfect example of spam.
  • No excessive shouting. "Shouting" means putting exclamatory sentences in all caps, indicating that someone is yelling or screaming at somebody. If you are angry at someone, talk to them civilized, and don't scream at the top of your lungs in the form of a big chunk of text.
  • Do not troll. Trolling is repeatedly posting something annoying for attention. As aforementioned, it is inapt.

Forum Rules

  • Do not post a thread or threads that are completely unrelated to Bob The Builder. Off topic conversations are fine, but keep things related to Bob The Builder.
  • Do not fight over who gets to post the next message. This will result in an BIG influx of messages. Anyone can post the next message.
  • Do not use explicit material (e.g., blood and gore, extreme sexual themes, etc.). For example, "stabbed him in the chest" is fine, but going into detail about blood, intestines, etc., is unacceptable.
  • Do not post fanfics. This wiki is not and if you want to post a fanfic, post it on

Editing Rules

  • Do use proper grammar when editing.
  • Always be aware of typos.
  • Do not put articles in the wrong category intentionally. This is vandalism and you know it!!!

If you discover trouble...

  • Do not take it lightly. The wiki will be destroyed all because you decided to ignore it.
  • You MUST notify an admin IMMEDIATELY. This way an admin can ban the offending user or tell the offending user to stop.

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