Bob And The Big Freeze
Series 05, Episode 11
Air Date March 17th, 2001 (UK)
Previous Bob's Auntie
Next Clumsy Roley

Bob And The Big Freeze is eleventh episode of the fifth season.


Scoop and Wendy try to clean the roads, but they bump into the porcupine crossing and accidentally wake them up. Spud tries to skate on the frozen duck pond, but the ice is not thick enough. Dizzy sends Bob and Lofty out to rescue him. The ducks and birds have no food, so Bob sends Dizzy out to feed the ducks and they make a warm house with a hay and straw for the porcupines.



  • The red bird first seen in Dizzy's Birdwatch makes an appearance.
  • The clip of Spud skating was on the "Busy Bob and Silly Spud" trailer, though this episode is not on that release.
  • The second time of a few tings:
  • A reference to Bob Saves The Hedgehogs is made. This is the first and only time a episode makes a reference to a previous episode.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Polish Sroga Zima Severe Winter
Russian Боб и снег Bob and Show
Dutch Bob neemt ijsvrij Bob Takes Icing
German Plötzlich wird es Winter Suddenly it is Winter
Romanian Bob și inghetul Bob and Frost
Czech Bořek a velký mráz Bob and the Big Freeze

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