Bob And The Badgers
Series 07, Episode 06
Air Date February 25th, 2002 (UK)
Previous Mr. Ellis' Art Exhibition
Next Bob And The Goalie

Bob And The Badgers is the sixth episode of the seventh season.


Farmer Pickles needs a fence built to keep the rabbits off his cabbages. But this also blocks the badgers' path to the stream.

Episode Information



  • Bobsville
    • Bob's Kitchen
    • Bob's Yard
    • Bob's Office
  • Farmer Pickles' Farm


  • First episode to feature badgers.
  • Lofty and Roley do not appear in this episode.


  • Dizzy: (screaming into the badgers tunnel) Hello, Mr. Badger?
  • Wendy: Shh, Dizzy. They'll be asleep now. They only come out at night.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Polish Bob i borsuki Bob and the Badgers
Russian Боб и барсуки Bob and the Badgers
Dutch Bob en de dassen Bob and the Badgers
German Dachse sind schlau Foxes are Cunning
Czech Bořek a jezevci Bob and the Badgers

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