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Bob's Three Jobs is the eleventh episode of the eleventh season.


Robert wants to spend some quality time with Bob. They plan for birdwatching and to see the very rare lesser-striped sunflower warbler. But Bob has three jobs to do; he arranges to meet Robert at the birdhide as soon as he’s done. With his jobs finally finished, it’s dark and Robert is snoozing away when Bob reaches the birdhide. Bob is so sorry to let his dad down, But Robert explains that it doesn’t matter, and they are just in itme to see the lesser-striped sunflower warbler that only comes out at night!




In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Hungarian Bob háromféle munkája Bob's Three Kinds of Work
Italian Tre lavoretti per Bob Bob's Three Odd Jobs
Polish Trzy ważne sprawy Three Important Issues
Russian Боб на трех работах Bob's Three Jobs