This is a new segment featured in Ready Steady build


The segment opens with Bob doing something (eating a pear, showing the viewers a family portrait, etc.). Then explains to the viewers what he's doing. His laptop starts beeping then Bob comes over to answer it revealing a live action child (sometimes more than one) that needs Bob's help. Bob asks what he/she what he/she is doing. The child (or children) explains to Bob why they need his help like for example (his/her plant has gotten too big for the pot). Then Gripper and Grabber appear with old matrials (like wood, rocks, etc.) that their planning on throwing away. Bob tells Gripper and Grabber he can use it to make something for the child (or children). Gripper and Grabber greet the child (or children). To Gripper and Grabber's surprise, Bob turns on a demostration video on how to turn the matrails into something like (wind chime, pot, etc.). Bob says "bye" to the child (or children). The segment ends with Gripper and Grabber commenting on it or trying to make it. Bob tells the viewers that he'll see them next time on Bob's jobs.

Segment list

Season 1

  1. Planter
  2. Bird Feeding table
  3. Rock Garden
  4. Wind-proof Planter
  5. Composting Bin

Season 2

  1. Wind Chimes
  2. Kitty House
  3. Bunny Run
  4. Rain Catcher
  5. Squirrel Fun Course



  • Gripper and Grabber also appear in the episodes.
  • This is the only segment to have live action actors.
  • In bunny run, Gripper and Grabber have a conversation at the ending. Which is pretty rare in Bob's Jobs.
  • In Kitty House, this is the first time Gripper and Grabber ever met Pilchard and even watched her in her sleep.
  • In Squirrel Fun Course, Gripper and Grabber became fasanaited with a squirrel in the end, for Grabber in race to finish he reacted mental and paronoid when he first saw one. In which, Grabber probably had gotten over his fear of animals.
  • In Planter, the boy is the same one who had the role of George in Stuart Little which was released in 1999 the year the regular series debuted.
  • Sometimes in Bob's Jobs the same children are used in the segments from the previous one.

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