Bob's Day Off
Series 03, Episode 03
Air Date January 5th, 2000 (UK)
Previous Mucky Muck
Next Magnetic Lofty

Bob's Day Off is third episode of the third season.


Bob takes a day off so he can photograph the rare Blue-Crested Warbler. But when the computer breaks down, Wendy needs him back for some urgent jobs.



  • First appearence of the blue-crested warbler and Mr. Fothergill.
  • First episode to premier in 2000 in the UK.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Polish Bob ma wolny dzień Bob Has a Day Off
Russian Выходной Боба Output Bob
Japanese ボブのおやすみのひ Say Goodnight Bob
German Bobs freier Tag Bob's Day Off
Czech Bořek má den volna Bob Has a Day Off
Portuguese O Dia de Folga do Bob Bob's Respite Day

Watch Episode

Bob the Builder Bob's Day Off (UK)10:03

Bob the Builder Bob's Day Off (UK)

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