Bob's Bugle
Series 01, Episode 06
Air Date January 2nd, 1999 (UK)
Previous Wendy's Busy Day
Next Buffalo Bob

Bob's Bugle is the sixth episode of the first season.


Bob makes himself a bugle out of some left-over bits of piping. None of the machines (Except for Roley, who likes Bob's bugle) has the heart to tell him how awful it sounds, so they try hiding it.



  • Bob uses brass pipes and a funnel to create his trumpet.
  • Footage from Wendy's Busy Day was used.

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In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Romanian Goarna lui Bob Bob's Bugle
Polish Bob ma Trąbkę Bob Has a Trumpet
Hungarian Bob trombitája Bob's Trumpet
Russian Боб музыкант Bob's Musician
Czech Bořkova trubka Bob's Tuba
Swedish Bob gör en trumpet Bob Makes a Trumpet
German Bob spielt Trompete Bob Plays the Trumpet
Japanese ボブのトランペット Bob's Trumpet
Hebrew בוב בונה חצוצרה Bob Builds a Trumpet
Dutch Bob’s trompet Bob's Trumpet
Portuguese O Trompete do Bob Bob's Trumpet

Watch Episode

Bob the Buider - season 1 - Bob's Bugle10:08

Bob the Buider - season 1 - Bob's Bugle

UK Version

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