Bob's Boots
Series 03, Episode 01
Air Date December 24th, 1999 (UK)
Previous Bob's White Christmas
Next Mucky Muck

Bob's Boots is the first and premier episode of the third season.


Bob gets some new boots. Spud, meanwhile, challenges Bird to a race and eats right out of Bob's lunchbox.



  • In the UK Version, Bob has a Cheese and Chutney in his lunchbox. In the US Version, It is change to a Butter and Jelly sandwich, probably because Cheese and Chutney would be unfamiliar with American viewers.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Polish Nowe buty Boba Bob's New Shoes
Russian Ботинки Боба Bob's Shoes
Japanese あたらしい くつ A New Pair of Shoes
German Bobs neue Stiefel Bob's New Boots
Portuguese As Botas do Bob Bob's Boots
Czech Bořkovy nové boty Bob's New Shoes

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