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Bob's Birthday is the tenth episode of the first season.


The gang prepare a special surprise for Bob's Birthday.


Voice Cast

UK and AUS

US and CAN


  • Spud did not know about Bob's birthday.
  • Assuming if the original UK airdate means anything, Bob's birthday is January 30th.
  • This marks the first time Muck says Scoop's catchphrase. But she says "Can we make it?"
  • This episode was paired with "Bob's Big Surprise" (Season 2) when it premiered on the Nick Jr. block.


  • Spud: Pull it harder, Bob!
  • Bob: (Straining) I'! (The board cracks)
  • Bob: Whew, that was a tough one.
  • Spud: (Laughs) Can he fix it? (Laughs)
  • Bob: (Annoyed and angry) Yes, I can Spud. Haven't you got work to do?
  • Wendy: (catches Spud trying to touch Bob's birthday cake) Fingers off.
  • Wendy, Farmer Pickles and the Gang: (Singing) Bob the Builder, It's his birthday, Bob the Builder, Yes, it is! It's Bob's birthday, Can we sing it? It's Bob's birthday, Yes, we can!
  • Dizzy: Let's make Bob a concrete cake that he can keep forever.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Polish Urodziny Boba Bob's Birthday
Hungarian Bob születésnapja Bob's Birthday
Russian День рождения Боба Bob's Day of Birthday
Romanian Ziua de nastere a lui Bob Bob's Birthday
Swedish Bob fyller år Bob's Birthday
Hindi बॉब के जन्मदिन Bob's Birthday
German Bob hat Geburtstag Bob Has a Birthday
Japanese ボブのたんじょうび Bob's Tan Standing
Dutch Bob’s verjaardag Bob's Birthday
Czech Bořkovy narozeniny Bob's Birthday
Hebrew יום ההולדת של בוב Bob's Birthday
Portuguese O Aniversário do Bob Bob's Birthday
Finnish Peten Syntymäpäivät Bob's Birthday

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