Bob's Big Surprise
Series 02, Episode 04
Air Date June 25th, 1999 (UK)
Previous Runaway Roley
Next Dizzy's Statues

Bob's Big Surprise is the fourth episode of the second season.


While Wendy is away, Bob and the gang give her garden a make-over by adding a patio and a pagola.



  • This episode most likely takes place in late spring or summer as there is still daylate at six o' clock.


  • This episode is included on the "Lofty's Favorite Adventures" DVD even though Lofty had a minor role.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Polish Wielka Niespodzianka Big Surprise
Hungarian A meglepetés The Surprise
Russian Большой сюрприз Боба Bob's Big Surprise
Japanese すてきなプレゼント Nice Gift
German Bobs große Überraschung Bob's Big Surprise
Dutch Bob's grote verrassing Bob's Big Surprise
Czech Bořek chystá překvapení Bob Going to Surprise
Portuguese A Surpresa do Bob Bob's Surprise

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Bob the Builder - Bob's Big Surprise09:56

Bob the Builder - Bob's Big Surprise

UK Version

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