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Bob's Barnraising is the thirteenth and finale episode of the first season.


Bob and the machines have to repair Farmer Pickles' barn which is in danger of collapsing. Farmer Pickles is gathering the haystacks. Everything has to be done before a heavy rainstorm breaks.


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  • This episode is titled, "Bob's Barn Raising" in The Ultimate Can-do Crew Collection US DVD release and on some TV guides.
  • This episode was paired with "Naughty Spud" (Season 1) when it premiered on the Nick Jr. block
  • .This episode was the first time Farmer Pickles had a ride on Muck.


  • This episode was included on the Muck's Favorite Adventures home release, but this is a Bob episode with Muck only playing a minor role. Muck's Sleep-Over would have been a more appropriate episode to include in it's place.
  • When Scoop says "What is it, Bob?" he was smiling.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Polish Bob Naprawia Szopę Bob Repairs the Shed
Hungarian Bob a pajtánál Bob the Barn
Russian Как Боб строил амбар As Bob Built a Barn
Romanian Bob construeste un hambar Bob Builds a Barn
Swedish Bob lagar en lada Bob Laws of a Barn
German Bob rettet die Heuernte Bob Saves the Hay Harvest
Japanese なやのしゅうり Repair of Citizen
Hebrew האסם החדש The New Barn
Dutch Bob bouwt een schuur Bob Builds a Barn
Czech Bořek opravuje starou stodolu Bob Fixes an Old Barn
Portuguese O Bob concerta o Palheiro Bob Fixes the Haystack

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