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Bob the Builder
Bob the builder


Can we fix it?






Robert (father)
Dorothy (mother)
Tom (twin brother)
Dora (aunt)


Wendy, Scoop, Muck, Dizzy, Roley, Lofty

Voice by

Neil Morrisey

Bob the Builder is a General Contractor and head of his own construction yard based in Bobsville and later in Sunflower Valley and now in Fixham Harbour. Bob is from a family of builders - his father Robert is also a builder and so was his Grandfather Billy. He is assisted by Wendy and a host of anthropomorphic vehicles in various projects in and around town. He is not good with computers. Some of the problems in the show arise from Bob's habit of forgetting to turn his mobile phone on. He also is the owner of Pilchard the Cat.

He is voiced by Neil Morrissey.


Bob is a very passionate man who always shows determination to get the job done and to encourage everyone else. He is also a fun-loving person in general and very smart. During a crisis/problem he isn't one to lose focus and often comes up with ideas on how to fix things.

He acts as a parental figure to his machine team and makes sure to keep them in line. While he is honest about things, like feelings or when someone messes up. Bob isn't at all mean or strict. He doesn't get upset when someone makes an accident, but he will be sure to tell them where they messed up.

He also seems to have a soft spot for Wendy.


Bob is a tan-fair skinned male with small black eyes and a medium sized nose. He is often seen smiling! As he is a builder, he is often shown to be wearing his building clothing. Consisting of a red and orange patch shirt, faded blue overalls, brown shoes, and a yellow construction workers hat. Around his waist, Bob also has his tan colored tool-belt.

When his hat is removed, he is revealed to have brown hair. his hair is longer when he was younger.

Other Attire

  • A pair of jeans
  • Dressed like a prince at the end of "The Knights of Fix-A-Lot"
  • A cowboy (several times)
  • Tuxedo at parties
  • A brown fur/fluff trim coat
  • Santa Claus
  • WIzzard (Halloween costume)
  • Sweater
  • Pajamas
  • Raincoat
  • Apron
  • Orange Short sleeved shirt
  • Black Winter vest with yellow stripe
  • Yellow coat with gray stripes
  • Yellow vest
  • Yellow shirt with cactuses
  • White Tuxedo
  • Pilgram
  • Blue and gray outfit
  • Fireman Sams' outfit


Bob has appeared in every episode in the series and all-releated specials.


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