• ChaseFan221


    May 7, 2017 by ChaseFan221
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  • TsumTsumFan Est. 2017

    I have my wikia games....they are now gone?

    So, I have a new feature: the Wikia Games Button!

    Press once and you get 1 game. Press twice and you get 2 games.

    Well, that's REALLY all folks!

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  • TsumTsumFan Est. 2017

    OK, so I will work on the new toy series. I will do a few Scoop parts and add FX, and it will feel like it is 'made from Scratch'! Get it? 'Scratch'? Bahahahahhahahahahaha!

    • Rock and roll!

    - Roley

    • Uh, yeah. I think so!

    - Lofty

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  • Woybff

    New to the wiki

    September 28, 2016 by Woybff

    I am Woybff. I just got back into Bob the Builder today. My favorite character is Lofty (of course in the old series). Also I agree the new series is a disgrace. I also hate Mattel but not for that reason only. I thought Bob and Wendy were married for some old reason. I write small little fan fictions in this community on Google+. One is about Bob simply eating a sandwich. It got pinned, and I am surprisingly proud of myself because I thought it wouldn't get noticed. I knew when the bureaucrat was a TTTE fan I was when the right place since I also got back into that in June 22rd of this year. I have a YouTube channel too. I post videos me talking about TTTE and other shows. I never did a video about BTB.

    Who are your favorite characters? Wha…

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  • Loco123456

    Returning Characters

    September 23, 2015 by Loco123456

    I predict that the following character swill return in the show:

    Benny Scratch Sunnsy Gripper Packer

    Who do you think will return in the show?

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  • TugsVs2

    What's a blog post

    August 29, 2015 by TugsVs2

    What is really a blog post?

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  • Emoinuyasha9

    An animated series starring a group of 6 anime characters that make an hilarious great team

    Back in their old shows a mysterious Tornado swap them away from their show for good, After the tornado they were now stuck in Antarctica in the real world together and were sent on a mission to find a lost child and send them back after they escaped Antarctica. When they escaped to europe on their way back to their old shows they relized they were unable to get back home, and chose to go on another adventure. After their adventure the whole world saw them and the they decided on 2 different choices 1. Do they go back to their old shows or 2. Should they stay together as a team. It was decided on 2 and now they were 1 team, the cat and the lion got m…

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  • Grabbergirl

    Make it beautiful! But please relate it to Bob the Builder. After all it's Bob the Builder wiki. I'd love to see the you design it I hope you've got some wonderful ideas.

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  • Grabbergirl

    Adopt the wiki

    March 14, 2012 by Grabbergirl

    This wiki needs to be adopted so take me instead

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  • Grabbergirl

    Banned from this wiki

    October 1, 2011 by Grabbergirl

    Listen!!! If your the sick person delete all that information!!! Or I will if you put it back you are banned from this wiki until can edit this with true information. Hear me? Your banned no excuses!!!

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  • Grabbergirl

    Save this wiki!!!

    September 30, 2011 by Grabbergirl

    Some sick person with no wiki accont had been putting false information. They are putting untrue stuff like birth and death. It's making me mad!!! Look what they've done!!! We came here to learn about bob the builder!!! Their turning it into a fan wikia. This wiki is meant for true information only. Only together we can save this wiki!!! Help us!!! We only need you.

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  • Ryan0ry


    September 1, 2011 by Ryan0ry

    At the adoption requester, they suggested that I post a blog. They also said that you had to decide who to put forward to adopt, hope this helps.

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