Benny's Back
Series 10, Episode 10
Benny's Back!
Air Date December 3rd 2004 (UK)
September 26th, 2005 (AUS)
Previous Two Scoops
Next Spud's Straw Surprise

Benny's Back is the tenth episode of the tenth season.

Written by Sarah Ball and Peter Reeves


Bob faces a race against time to get everything finished on the workshop and storerooms, as well as doing a job for Farmer Pickles, so Benny and Scrambler help to get the work done.



  • Benny doesn't know who Farmer Pickles is. This is basicly true becasue the two of them have never met each other before.
  • This Episode marks Farmer Pickles, Travis, Spud and Scruffy's last day in Bobsville before moving into Sunflower Valley for the rest of the series. Only though (apart from Travis.) sleeps in Bob's Mobile Home for this episode.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Hungarian Beni visszatér Benny Returns
Polish Benio przyjechał Benny Arrived
Russian Бенни вернулся Benny is Back

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