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Ballroom Bob is the seventh episode of the eighth season.


Bob gets some secret dance lesson from Mrs. Percival, but he realizes that he can't dance the salsa until an outdoor dance floor is built.



  • Bobsville
  • Bob's Yard
  • Bob's Living Room
  • J.J.'s Yard
  • Town Hall
  • The School
  • The Dance Floor
  • The Countryside


  • Lennie Lazenby was playing the music while Mr. Beasley plays the Maracas.
  • Wendy wears a Light Blue Ballroom Dress.
  • This was the second dancing theme episode with the first being "Buffalo Bob" (Season 1).
  • This episode marks Lennie Lazenby's latest appearance in the series to date.
  • This was one of the few times Bob's living room appears during Seasons 4-9.
  • Dancing Couples:
    • Bob and Wendy
    • Mrs. Percival and Mr. Sabatini
    • Mr. Dixon and Jenny (Wendy's Sister)
    • Spud (Dances alone)

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Czech Bořkův taneční sál Bob's Ballroom
Polish Bob na balu Bob at the Ball
Russian Боб танцует Bob is Dancing
Dutch Muck krijgt dansles Muck Will Dance
German Bob lernt tanzen Bob Learns to Dance

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